Company Values

Earl & Brown is committed to supporting our customers, vendors and team members, with passion and excitement. We strive to build true partnerships across all areas of the business, both externally and internally. We focus on strategically  growing and investing in the business, always expanding our scope, aggressively driving both top line sales and bottom line profit, continually finding ways to look ahead and building upon the legacy of the organization, while supporting the community and the planet.



Our employees are fundamental to the continued success of Earl & Brown. They help infuse our company culture, expand professional relationships of the company, and personify how the company functions.  At Earl & Brown we continually ask ourselves, have you witnessed someone going the extra mile?



Earl & Brown is built on strong partnerships. We have been working alongside and developing solutions for some key partners in excess of 30 years. We understand that it takes commitment to initiate and maintain relationships and we do everything in our power to make it long lasting and withstand the test of time.



Our passion is contagious. Passion at Earl & Brown is what drives the companies productivity, and ingenuity. At Earl & Brown we exhibit passion for our work, our people and improving our processes every day. We ask ourselves, how have you shown your dedication to the company?



Progress is very important to the success of any company. At Earl & Brown we are constantly striving to improve our overall execution and operational excellence on a daily basis. and create new sales opportunities.



Helping our planet stay green is paramount within our business. We purchase wind power, recycle all of our cardboard, and continuously work on other sustainable initiatives. Creating awareness throughout the company with employees, on how to stay green is something we focus on.