The Ultimate Automotive Camera System.

Earl & Brown partners with Waylens to introduce the next generation of technology in vehicle performance.

Only the Waylens Automotive Camera System is specifically designed to amplify your fun behind the wheel. Consisting of a high-precision camera, plug-n-play OBD-II transmitter, one-click remote and mobile app, the Waylens lets you overlay vehicle performance data right into video and share your best driving moments in real time.

The Horizon system is comprised of high performance components seamlessly integrated to create an outstanding camera system. While driving, the Horizon system takes great care to capture everything it can about your vehicle including its location, absolute orientation in space, stereo audio and atmospheric pressure. All the data points allow you to tell a more complete story of your ride.

When you open the mobile app, you can easily locate highlight-worthy moments identified by you and Horizon’s algorithm, and easily use them for further editing and sharing. Want to be more hands-on with editing footage? No problem. Horizon’s system allows you to define data-driven parameters and perform intelligent searches on your footage to find exactly what you want. You can also choose which pieces of performance data you want overlaid on your footage.

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