If you are a decision-maker for a big box retailer, especially a wholesale club within the US or Canada, we can help you to grow your product selection, sales, and profit. Our track record in managing products and sales strategies within the wholesale club channel is well-documented, with great success. VirtualSupply has been working within this space for over 20 years, and we continue to introduce new items and products to this marketplace, with product placement in over 1,300 wholesale club locations across the US and Canada. We provide the end-to-end management of the product acquisition, packaging, distribution, sales and account management, as well as logistics management for all locations.

If you are looking to add new items, while partnering with an industry professional that knows how to manage vendors in this channel, contact us today!

Are you a manufacturer, manufacturer’s representative, or start-up with products to sell? We work with a wide variety of products across several categories including consumer goods, wireless products, professional two-way electronics, and several other product categories. We specialize in managing your product’s brand integrity, channel conflict, and sales growth by placing your products within multiple channels, including e-commerce, retail account, and wholesale clubs.

If you are looking for a trusted partner to manage your products end-to-end within these channels, including sales, marketing, direct import, distribution, pick-pack-ship services, logistics management and nearly anything in between, contact us today!