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Awesome consumer products are what makes this business such a blast. We have a diverse selection of leading edge products in a wide variety of consumer categories. The digital revolution is exciting; we have a ton of the latest consumer technology products and are constantly adding more all the time to keep our inventory relevant. Products ranging from housewares, fitness, health and beauty, we have it all. We specialize in presenting the right product in the right channel and providing mutually beneficial opportunities for everyone.

Want to learn more about our Consumer Products group, and what they can do for you? Quick-message us in the box below, call 503.670.1170, or email us at and we’ll contact you soon.


Rev Up Your Offering

Consumers are currently adding technological improvements to every aspect of their life, including their driving. To meet this rising demand, we carry innovative 360 cameras, wide spectrum of frequency scanners, and a range of accessories that add measures of safety for the modern driver. To understand more about the automotive products we sell, or information about distribution contact us today at (503) 670-1170 or at


Come Prepared

Popular in the big box arena and specialty retailers, we distribute a wide range of products from family service radios into the outdoor retail channel and even offer a selection of customizable furniture and storage with the capability to fit any kind of outdoor space. Learn more about the services at Virtual Supply and contact us today at (503) 670-1170 or at

Smart Home

Smart Home For The Modern Day Family

The modern home can almost be fully integrated with computerized and automated advancements in technology. With scores of homeowners engaged in modernizing their homes, our smart home appliances and accessories are some of our bestsellers at Costco. Be a part of the next generation of Smart products with Virtual Supply and contact us today at (503) 670-1170 or at