4 Green Ways to Recycle Your Technology

You probably have a drawer full of old cell phones, television remotes, batteries, and other miscellaneous gadgets you just don’t know how to get rid of. Here are four easy and green ways to get rid of old tech.

1. Sell Online


If you have a piece of technology from the last 5 years, chances are someone is looking to buy it. Amazon and eBay are both free marketplaces that allow you to connect with people all over the world to sell your stuff. They charge a small fee to process the transaction, but it’s still better than throwing that old cell phone in the garbage.

2. Recycle Through the Manufacturer or Retailer



Manufacturers have really stepped up in the last 10 years to help keep our planet green by accepting back their old products and recycling them for customers. Here is a short list of manufacturers and retailers who have recycling programs.


If you need to recycle your old toner cartridges, Canon will take them back. Canon has collected more than 344,000 tons of cartridges since 1990.


Apple will take back your old devices and give you store credit if the device qualifies. Even if the device isn’t worth any money, Apple will still recycle your device free of charge.


HP has recycled 2.8 billion pounds of product since 1987. HP will recycle pretty much anything they sell, and you have a chance to get cash back if it qualifies.


Microsoft will recycle your old tech, however you have to process it in one of their retail stores. If the product has a value, they will put it towards your purchase at the store.


Samsung will recycle most of their products, through a variety of different ways. They have a direct recycling program, where you can take your products to drop off locations. Click the link above for a donation locator.

Best Buy

If you have an old piece of tech and you need to get rid of it, haul it down to your nearest Best Buy and they will recycle it at no charge. They may even give you a gift card if the item has value.

3. Donate



If you would like to donate your technology, organizations like Goodwill and Salvation Army take technology and sell it in their retail stores. At Earl & Brown we use this method of recycling all the time!

4. Find a local recycling organization



There are a few recycling organizations like call2recycle that have locations nationwide. If you are looking for other options to recycle locally, Earth911 has a great online directory that is easy to use.

Hopefully now you can clear out that junk drawer and haul that giant computer monitor out of the garage and feel good about how you disposed of your old tech.